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In this podcast, Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at the UK mental health charity; Mind, shares her expert advice to help those who are worried about returning into the workplace, manage their anxieties and maintain good mental health.

You can read the full transcript here: https://social.hays.com/2020/06/28/podcast-31/


(01:27)It would be great if you could introduce yourself to our listeners.

(02:08)Could you define what we mean by the term mental health?

(03:30)With many countries across the globe having implemented lockdown measures, those who were able to have been forced to work from home for an extended period of time. How do you think this has impacted people’s mental health?

(06:23)And as lockdown measures are starting to be gradually lifted. What do you think are some of the common worries or anxieties about returning to the workplace and what are the causes of those if you’re able to elaborate?

(08:56)For anyone that is having concerns about returning to the office or the place of work, that is something that they need to discuss with the manager. How would you recommend that they approach that conversation?

(10:37)I think we can all agree that everybody’s experience of lockdown has been unique to them and they’ve experienced it in different ways. Some people might have been living at home with childcare commitments while others may have experienced a change in work patterns and feel disconnected from their organisation or their colleagues. What advice would you give to those people to help them transition back into the workplace from a mental health point of view?

(12:35)How would you recommend maintaining good mental health when working in the new hybrid world?

(15:14) How can our listeners rebuild or maintain that work-life balance once we start returning to the workplace?

(16:49)Do you think that all these factors that we’ve discussed today such as isolation and work-life balance, has led to an increased emphasis on mental health in the workplace from both an employee and an employers perspective as well?

(18:56)There’s been a real sense of togetherness amongst employees during the pandemic, as people have been reaching out to one another just to check in and see how each other is. And as a result, there’s been a greater understanding of each of our personal circumstances and tolerance towards one another. How would you recommend that we keep this going and keep taking it forward in, into the new era of work?

(21:18) If you had one piece of advice to help our listeners navigate their careers through the current crisis, what would that be?

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