We are often sold on comfort in today's society, but discomfort is actually necessary for achieving growth and success. I’ve got Dr. Nneka Unachukwu on the show to talk about becoming strategic in handling discomfort and understanding that every piece of pain has a purpose. We highlight the importance of getting unstuck by making choices and then taking action. We also address the challenges of looking within to confront internal wounds and the value of observing situations without letting emotions get in the way. The hard times in life can feel dark and hopeless, but they can also lead to growth and positive changes.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How can I get unstuck?

  • What are some tips for finding purpose in difficult experiences?

  • What is a self-audit?

  • How can I recover from failure?

Topics Covered: self-audit for professional growth, embracing discomfort, growth, trying new things, opportunity to learn, getting unstuck, building resilience, importance of discomfort, seeking comfort, recovering from failure, forgiveness, resistance points, word of the year, personal growth, strong mindset, pain with a purpose, reflection muscle, evolution, becoming an observer 


Key Moments in the Show:

[04:34] Why We Feel Stuck

[06:35] Why You Actually Aren't Achieving Your Goals

[11:01] How to Be an Observer in Your Own Life

[14:30] Why Growth Means Failure

[18:36] Why We Need to Stop Searching for Comfort

[21:28] Real Talk About Marriage and Life

[24:38] How to Extract Lessons in Midst of Hard Times

[34:03] Reflection Exercise with Questions 


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