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Ep. 238 – How to Communicate Sustainability with Manuel Gorrin, Brand Engagement Manager at Nature’s Path Foods

Ep. 238 – How to Communicate Sustainability with Manuel Gorrin, Brand Engagement Manager at Nature’s Path Foods

We talk a lot about Sustainability on the podcast. Generally, it’s either through technology, or packaging, or advocacy, but how do you convince someone to care? Manuel Gorrin has done this his whole career, from plants to corporate.

In this episode, Manuel talks all about sustainability. From tools used to discuss to the common worker, to new techniques such as Regenerative Organic Certification, which is a new practice and is different than Regenerative Agriculture. Confused? We get into it in a lot of detail.

Learn about the journey in how Manuel met Greta Thunberg, and how he collaborated with her to amplify the voices of kids who want to discuss Sustainability.

What’s probably the most enlightening thing about Manuel is his kind heart and compassion to animals, life, and the planet. From childhood to his job now, his focus was always making the world a bit better and it’s quite amazing.

Show Notes

Blaze PR
How do you describe yourself?: I am trying to save the world.
But you’re a chemical engineer: yes, but we are still involved in the process
The fires and the virus are a wake up call and we need to do something about it
I focus on Soil: We protect the health of the soil
Nature’s Path is the largest organic cereal company. We are family owned.
How do you communicate sustainability?: We actually align through a training. Sustainability is our vision which is to leave the Earth better than we found it
You need to make it simple and easy to digest so for example, we have 6 rules
What do you recommend for young companies to aim for sustainability goals?: Find the passion first and focus on what you are doing
Sometimes you have to find your passion through working
How did you find your passion?: Surprisingly, networking. Just getting in contact with the stake holders, I got opportunities.
Greta Thunberg
Youth Movement
How to ask for expertise: Ask them “I want to learn more from you”
What did you study in college?: When I was a child, I wanted to save animals. I went into chemical engineering to try to innovate in oil. Then I found out how terrible oil is for the planet.
Universidad Simon Bolivar
I started as a wastewater treatment engineer
Then supervised a vinegar plant
Earthlings - documentary on youtube
What did you do in Kraft Heinz? Build plants. Sustainability is really hard to break in not only in corporate setting but a global setting
Why did you switch to marketing?: I felt the need that if we want to move the needle, we need to amplify the message. The company also saw my passion for sustainability and let me have a chance.
Are there any trends happening in sustainability?: ROC – Regenerative Organic Certification. If you do a certain procedure, you can make organic products and sustainability
Patagonia, Dr. Brenners, and us are part of the pilots for this program
Regenerative Agriculture is not the same as ROC
The True Cost – Documentary
Patagonia says – “don’t buy our stuff”
Project Drawdown – an organization
What is one piece of advice to start something: You can create your own Green Team in a company and get people excited in sustainability
Christine Liu started sustainability in Boeing
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