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Ranking The DCEU Movies, Would Removing MARTHA Scene Bettered BVS - The John Campea Podcast

Ranking The DCEU Movies, Would Removing MARTHA Scene Bettered BVS - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode #62, recorded Monday July 17th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions:

3:45 Daniel Taylor - In almost every film I've seen this year, there have been people blatantly using their phones during the movie. Some of the more popular movies even had entire rows of people on their phones. Do you think it's time for Drive-in theaters to return in order to combat this problem? Because the understaffed theaters in my area don't seem to be capable.

7:21 Optimus TheGamer - Hey John, when do you think the new trailer for Jurassic World 2 will pop up? Don't you think it was a little rush since it took 4 months only?

10:58 Noot - Greetings john my question is since Warner brothers owns all the dc characters why did it take so long to create a shared universe? i mean marvel with all their obstacles were able to create a shared universe with its heroes. was it a lack of vision? or innovation? you would think dc/WB would have done this years ago, would love to hear your thoughts.

15:44 Tampa Movie Guy - Been following you since Man of Steel review in 2013. My question is, what do you think of the recent Netflix movies War Machine and Okja? While these get talked about a lot when they are announced due to the talent involved, I feel like upon release on Netflix, they get no where near the attention that theater-released movies get. No one is talking about them. Does that mean no one is seeing them?

19:00 Tim Duplisea - Hey John love the new podcast. You have mentioned many times how much you like Batman V Superman and I am total agreement with you. I also know that we are in the minority. If the infamous " Martha" scene never happened do you think it would have been more widely accepted? To me it is the only part of the film where I found myself rolling my eyes. Anyways keep up the great work

25:21 Jeff Steinbeck - Hello John, big fan. Since we have four films in the DCEU, how would you rank them so far? Thanks for taking my question and keep up the great work.

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