The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 59 recorded Tuesday July 11th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions:

2:11 Jake Cleveland - Hey John I have a questions about property rights, I was recently watching the first Spiderman movie and I noticed Aunt May told Peter he's not Superman. I was just wondering how a Spiderman movie that is made by Sony could reference a DC superhero owned by Warner Brothers? Would love to hear your opinion or am I just over complicating this?

3:57 Jim Casey - It seems after watching the movie that Marvel really wove Spider-man into the MCU. What happens if after Homecoming 2 Sony and Marvel decide not to continue the deal? For Marvel it seems easy, they just don't put him in anymore MCU movies. For Sony how would they unravel Spider-man out of the MCU without having to do yet another reboot? Thanks for your time and love the new podcast!

8:11 Daniel Fitzpatrick - Hi John loving the new resurgence of the channel lately. My question is about why studios release certain movies a lot later in some countries. For example Cars 3 is only opening here in Ireland this forthcoming weekend whilst it opened in the US a few weeks ago.

11:14 Joshua Langston - Hey John! Here's one I hope you can talk about! Do you think we'll see any more movies set in Middle Earth? I understand that New Line Cinema has just the rights to the Hobbit and the Lord of the Ring and not the Silmarillion unfortunately. Do you envision a return to this world someday on the big screen?

13:24 Chris Debord - It's obvious that DC is trying to have the same success the MCU has had. Do you ever think that DC will be as successful and intricate as Marvel has been able to be? With a lot of projects they are working on seemingly being stuck in development hell, I just don't see the DCEU lasting much longer than Justice League 2.

19:11 Hardybuck14 - Thoughts on the Borg vs Mcenroe trailer? And do you think Shia Labeouf is a capable oscar winner?

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