I am really excited about this week’s episode.  This is something I have been teasing about for a while and that is Google Ads. I am not a Google Ads Ninja which is why I am really excited to introduce you to Michael Alaniz.  He knows everything there is to know about Google Ads.  He has crushed it behind the scenes for local businesses, service providers, and course creators. If you can use Google to generate revenue, Michael knows how to do it. He shares many high-level strategies for utilizing Google Ads.                                                    

Michael Alaniz is the founder, CEO, and Marketing Director of Local Loop Marketing, a marketing firm that helps businesses and organizations connect with clients. Their systems focus on digital lead acquisition through pay-per-click platforms in Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. Through Local Loop Marketing, Michael and his team also create custom content and personalized web work.

Show Notes:

[02:00] Everyone should start thinking about using Google Ads.  

[02:20] Michael shares how he got started with Google Ads.  His background is in B2B sales.  

[03:40] Google Ads are a complimentary thing to Facebook Ads. 

[03:50] Google will actually help you get your first campaigns up.  

[04:50] Google has three networks.  The search network is keyword-based, the display network is behavior-based, and the YouTube network - the video network.  

[05:49] When you’re spending any amount of money on Facebook Ads, you are generating an enormous amount of awareness for your name, your products, and whatever sequence you have in your launch.  During that time people are doing searches for you and your product name and you are leaving it up to the search engine to give them back something organic. 

[07:32] YouTube ads are different than Facebook Ads. 

[08:59] Once people engage with our Facebook Ads, that is often not our last stop.  

[10:02] With Google, you are garnering the attention that is already there and that is an opportunity that a lot of marketers are not taking.  

[11:35] The cost on Google is lower, and the intent is higher.

[14:25] A lot of marketers are on YouTube looking for that solution.  If we want that omnipresence then we have to not neglect the highest-trafficked platforms.  

[15:48] Search engine optimization (SEO) is very powerful, but that is a long-term game. 

[17:50] Google Ads is an incredible short-term play but they also give you this incredible data in analytics. The power of high intent data is incredible. 

[19:07] Google Analytics should be on your website.  Any form submission should be a goal on Google Analytics.    

[20:40] Inside the Google Ads platform is a keyword planning tool where you can insert your website and Google will historically tell you the volume for those keywords and give you some additional ideas.  

[21:40] Surfing the net means there is a wave out there.  You want to get in front of that wave and you want to find where the waves are as opposed to splashing around and creating your own wave.  You can accomplish that with Google Analytics and using the keyword tool in Google Ads.  

[24:28] Google Analytics is giving you the data to create the experience people are actively searching for. 

[25:30] When you’re doing a core search inquiry scroll to the bottom and the related search terms can drive your new content. Then you can click on one of the related search terms and find related search terms for those.  

[26:23] YouTube is the second largest search engine owned by Google.  

[27:49] The plug-in Keywords Everywhere will also tell you what people are searching for so you can develop content around those topics.   Google is saying people are searching for these topics, go make the content.  

[29:38] Zach and Michael have teamed up to host a live workshop on how to get started with Google Ads.  Check it out here

[32:18] The workshop is going to cover three areas: analytics, marketing, and search.  It will also cover the basics that someone needs to do to get started using Google Ads now. 

[34:55] Making more accessible offers is really going to be the future of this market. 

[35:36] The future is going to be Google Ads because people aren’t there yet. Early adopters have so much potential.   If you are seeing the potential on Facebook, you are missing the potential on Google if you’re not already there.

[37:20] YouTube is very underutilized.  The scalability of YouTube Ads is incredible. 

[38:22] It is easier to get started on Google than you think.  The complexity is there for anyone that wishes to explore deeper.  

[39:55] You don’t have to be an expert to do Google Ads.  There are some basic foundational things that you can do to run your own account.  

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