Philip Hayes is a UK based commercial and advertising sports + lifestyle photographer… a pretty damn good one. Only 30, Philip somehow managed to compress 20 years worth of assisting, retouching, digi teching for others and signing with an Agency in the span of 10 years. As mentioned in our podcast together, “I was the guy that was in at 8am every morning and 8 am every night, working 20 hrs on the weekend and doing what I needed to get done in the evenings.”

He straight hustled his face off for years, worked with what he had and hasn’t stopped since then.  Please listen all the way until the end as Philip Haynes unloads his wisdom, career experiences and outlines some valuable lessons he’s learned along the way. Get ready for the fire on this podcast interview with Philip Haynes.


3:10- How did you get your first interests in photography5:03- How long did that DIY phase last and what kind of results were you getting?9:42- How did you tackle having diversified interests within photography?18:00- What did you transition look like from when you were shooting with DIY gear to having a portfolio you felt was worth sharing?21:27- Are those the projects that built your first book?29:43- Confidence37:15- What is Deng Camp and how did you get involved?45:00 What’s next?

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Phil Haynes Quotes

“I was the guy that was in at 8am every morning and 8 am every night, working 20 hrs on the weekend and doing what I needed to get done in the evenings.”“There is no guarantee is there?  You go to university. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna have a job, let alone a job in your study.”“I made snoots, I made grids out of black straws, I made a ring flash.. I just hacked my way through things just to make pictures.”“So I had to learn to retouch through trial and error”“But soon realized nothing happens for you just because your good at University.”“From collecting dry-cleaning, to their archival system to what lunch they prefer to eat. For two years I was paid a horrible wage but was gifted an opportunity.” “My fiancé at the time was working weekends in retail so I decided I was going to do a test on Saturday and a test on Sunday. I did that every weekend for 6 months”“And I didn’t get it which was a massive kick in the bits but these things come and go.”“My mantra is, there’s more than enough work to go around.” 30:32“I wanna keep meeting whacky people that can do things that I can’t. That can help me interpret my own work in different ways and that I can help them inte...

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