Today is the day you cut the crap.

Self-hate talk. We've all been guilty of it.

Some of us worse than others.

We're like our own mini-Simon Cowell, just sitting there with a big fat LOSER button in front of us. Every time we try and be brave, our little mini-Simons are all smug with his stupid v-neck tee (and always with the hard nipples - wear a thicker shirt Simon!), judging, criticizing and being cruel ... slapping that LOSER button - and defeating ourselves.

I mean, if we can't count on ourselves to not be a butthole to ourselves, who can we count on?!

We need a mini-Paula to help a sister out.

And just like that - we walk away. Stop before start, back out before we get good.

Never mastering. Never knowing ... "what if" - Regrets ABOUND.

In this episode we talk about the perils of self-hate talk and how to finally put an end to it - today.


1:43 - Hot Topics - new documentary I Love You. Now Die - has Anna like Whaaaaaaaat?

14:05 - Self-Hate Ain’t Great & It’s a Great Weakness

57:44 - Your worth is determined by you. Not your feelings, not your past behavior. Your feelings can change and you can change your behaviors.


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