I'm a flake addict.

I agree to things I have no real intention of doing and then flake at the last minute. As I slip into my oversized elastic waist pajama pants, I shoot out text with a lame excuse as to why I can't make it. It's not a lie per se, it's just missing some essential truths.

"Y'all have fun without me! Wish I could be there!"

Then I turn on Netflix and put my blanket up to my chin.

I also struggle to put my grocery cart back. All I need is a curb and I'll hop a wheel up and get the hell out of that parking lot before anyone's the wiser.

I've also been known to change my mind on the "pricey" crackers and drop them off next to the milk instead of putting them back where I got them.

I've realized that I never paid for something that got put in my sack and then rationalized that it wasn't my fault and enjoyed my good fortune. Thank you, Jesus!

But here's what's weird. The other day I had a friend actually do something she said she was going to do, and I was for real stunned by it.

How sad is that?

People who live a life of excellence, who live an honest life of integrity, who do what they say and say what they do, are often so rare, they can really surprise us when we meet them. They're like unicorns who poop rainbow marshmallows.

I don't want a new life, but I do want a new way of living.

I want to be a unicorn who poops rainbow marshmallows.

Sometimes we want something new in our life, but skip the most essential parts of ourselves. We want new experiences, but we don't want to be renewed within ourselves.

But if we want a new life to stick, it has to start inside first before we can ever experience true newness on the outside.

If you're a flake or maybe have some flakey tendencies - and want to be in recovery, this episode's for you (and me).

Enjoy the show!

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