As we reach the penultimate episode of the Dolls House arc, we discuss The Sandman Chapter 9 Collectors in spoiler filled details.

The Sandman Chapter 9 "Collectors" Details

Episode Directed by Coralie Fargeat

Teleplay for this episode written by Vanessa Benton

Staff Writers Catherine Smyth-McMullen and Vanessa Benton

Lyta's pregnancy and sex life with her dead husband are causing tremors in the Dreaming. With fault lines forming across the realm, including in Morpheus’ palace, Lucienne and Matthew deduce that it is the result of Rose's increasing power, which threatens to weaken and break down the barriers between the Dreaming and the waking world. But Morpheus is unsure of the theory. Meanwhile, Lyta continues to meet Hector in her dreams, and finds that her pregnancy is advancing at a rapid rate.

Back at Hal’s bed and breakfast Rose receives a call from the Corinthian who tells her that he has Jed safe and sound and she can collect him from the Royal Hotel in Georgia where he is to give the keynote speech at the "Cereal Convention”, with a distinct absence of cereal. Jed also notices a lack of cereal, his favourite food, as he explores the convention centre, despite instructions from Corinthian to stay in his room. Jed continues to explore the Hotel and strikes up a conversation with one of the collectors, Fun Land.

Rose travels to the hotel to meet them, accompanied by her kindly upstairs neighbour Gilbert. As Gilbert’s literary discussions send Rose off to the land of nod where she arrives into Lyta’s dream separately from Morpheus who has also arrived to discern what is happening. He realises that Rose as the Vortex has allowed Hector's spirit to inhabit the Dreaming, in lieu of him passing on to the afterlife. Despite the protests from Lyta and anger from Rose, Morpheus banishes Hector from the Dreaming and informs Lyta that her unborn child will one day belong to him because it was conceived in the Dreaming.

Rose and Gilbert arrive at the hotel and search for Jed. While searching, the Corinthian and Gilbert recognise each other, causing Gilbert to flee to the Dreaming, where he is revealed to be a personified Fiddler’s Green, one of the other rogue Dreaming residents. Gilbert relays the Corinthian and Rose's location to Morpheus.

Alone, Rose continues her search for her brother, and crashes into a distraught and terrified Jed, being helped by FunLand, as he flees from witnessing exactly who the Cornthian really is. But Fun Land isn’t willing to give up his new prize and hunts Jed and Rose until The Corinthian swiftly dispatches him and has the siblings all to himself

The Sandman Chapter 9 Cast

Tom Sturridge as Morpheus The Lord of DreamsVanesu Samunyai - Rose WalkerBoyd Holbrook - The Corinthian

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