Adam called Blair White for an interview, which turned into a very interesting panel with Buck Angel, Gracie Janes and their friends, to talk about the community and bounce different opinions!


00:00 Intro

4:00 Buck explains his "Tr*nny Hat" and the importance of reclaiming the word 

5:05 The panel discusses if the word is offensive

8:40 Adam on Gracie continually insinuating that he's gay 

10:00 The panel discusses whether tr*ns participating in women's sports is an unfair advantage

18:00 Blair says that Lia Thomas should have given the 1st place trophy to the 2nd place winner for having an advantage

20:00 Blair on being referred to as "self-hating" for her perspectives and what the bathroom situation is like for trans

23:00 Gracie asks Blair if she's cherry-picking by bringing up the weirdo's within the community and if she ever creates uplifting content on her platform

27:20 Buck speaks on being called "transphobic", and why he's only brought on conservative platforms to speak even though Buck is a liberal 

29:30 Blair speaks on the law on the age of having a double mastectomy and the dangerous symptoms of puberty blockers

33:00 Gracie asks what is the solution to having kids that may want to make the transition

34:50 Buck breaks down speaking down to de-transitioners and many of them regret their decision 

38:00 Are the parents to blame for allowing their young children to transition?

40:15 Blair speaks on therapists losing their jobs for any pushback on decisions to transition, Buck speaks on fighting for years for these surgeries to be covered by health insurance 

41:50 Blair and Buck blame Tik Tok on the 4000% increase in trans interest, these people not knowing that they're going to have to take drugs for the rest of their life and doctors having fetishes for their patients

44:10 Gracie asks Blair how she feels about people doing sex work in their community and says most trans women have done sex work at some point

47:30 Buck asks if any of them disclose that they're trans to their dates and is it considered R if you don't?

50:00 Adam asks if it is morally wrong to bring someone home from the bar and not disclose it

53:30 Blair says that Trans women have a very unhealthy competitive mindset, and Gracie wants to see Blair do sex work

55:10 The panel discusses if straight people having their pronouns in their bios is pointless

56:50 Gracie wants to "sisify" Adam

57:10 Blair talks being called "Non-binary-phobic", the panel discusses the origin of the word "Non-binary" and their perspective on gender fluidity

1:03:30 Blair says it's fully inappropriate for trans women to be fully naked in a locker room

1:10:30 Blair asks the panel if all of them are attracted to men, the problem with trans women being put in women's prisons and the history of trans men put into men's prisons

1:14:00 Gracie says that she wants to make the world better for women in general, Blair on how she feels about trans women in beauty pageants 

1:17:10 Gracie calls out Adam for his comments on Sledgelords podcast, comparing shape-wear to trans not disclosing their gender 

1:21:05 The panel discusses if and why J.K. Rowling is considered transphobic

1:27:30 The panel revisits Adam's offensive joke and Adam asks why trans people feel like they should be exempted from being joked about 

1:34:20 Gracie accuses Blair of polarizing people, challenges her to explore different perspectives in terms of making content, and feels like there are way more important issues that need to be talked about

1:37:00 Buck speaks on being an elder and a pioneer in the community and people not being able to have different opinions is a serious problem

1:43:20 Blair speaks on Rachel Levine's comments on being okay with 12-year-olds being able to transition

1:45:30 Blair speaks on Nikita Dragun being in her DM's saying she agrees with a lot of the things she's saying, but could never say it herself in public 

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