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00:00 Intro

2:52 - AD recaps the Lush vs Almighty roast battle and says Almighty cooked Lush

3:38 - Doknow says the last week taught him a lot about life and he felt sad 

5:36 - AD says he was looking for Adam this past weekend to beat his a**, says he still can’t find him 

6:50 - Doknow says he hasn’t been feeling  like recording lately, Smac jokes about TRell buying Heather fake ring 

10:46 - TRell says iHeart is scandalous for content claiming content 

11:34 - Doknow speaks on ENKY Boys RIP Dies at 35 after battle with cancer 

15:06 - The guys press TRell about him needing to get his colon checked, TRell says Doknow is so fat he got sick and thought he had diabetes 

17:55 - TRell says shoutout to Wednesday show for never cancelling, says Tuesday show is some hoes 

18:18 - Smac tries to get TRell to dap him up with the right, TRell threatens to throw his drink at Smac 

19:23 - Doknow & Crew roast TRell for allegedly getting Heather tattooed on him after 3 months of dating 

22:09 - AD tries to tell viewers not to play on OG cuicides phone while he’s trying to help people 

23:09 - My Bookie AD *

24:08 - TRell and Smac celebrate the 49ers win + Smac and TRell need their money from Sharp 

25:30 - AD talks about losing to Flakko in madden, Flakko wanted to bet OT genasis $10k on a madden game 

27:40 - TRell talks about AD FaceTiming him with 1090 Jake on the phone 

27:48 - TRell asks if anyone is messing with Boston Richey still after snitching, Doknow roast TRell for commenting on No Jumper Instagram post for reactions 

30:34 - AD speaks on how he would handle someone close like Smac snitching, says he couldn’t come back to ATEOTD  

35:45 - TRell speaks on people listening to vibes more than “gangsta/street rap”, talks about rappers not needing to live the guns, drugs etc they rap about 

38:02 - AD brings up Tyler the creator as a success story outside of the street rap mold 

39:56 - AD speaks on not letting being from a gang define him, talks about liking gaming and anime + TRell brings up that street dudes would call that being a hoe, AD explains that he doesn’t care because he’s better living and doing positive things 

42:26 - Smac speaks on how Schoolboy Q and now TRell have helped him immensely

44:32 - TRell talks about White John getting beat up while trying to press alleged P**

48:16 - Smac talks about older guys coming to his middle school to fight  

49:59 - Baked bags AD* 

51:00 - AD talks about trying the worlds hottest Gummy bear 

53:12 - TRell ask AD how the yernaamean taste to him now, TRell says he doesn’t like hot chicken 

54:23 - Josh calls the guys out for drinking all the milk 

55:25 - ADs homies come on to bless the host with Lean Lords merch 

57:30 - AD says Feb 8th there’s something very special planned in collab with Big Chief 

59:11 - TRell says Kanye hasn’t disappeared he’s somewhere doing it up with his new wife, TRell wants Lil Boosie to do him and Heather’s wedding 

1:00:32 - Guys react to Family guy Nipsey joke, AD presses Josh about saying Nip wasn’t known before his death 

1:02:08 - TRell says the family guy joke wasn’t too crazy

1:03:06 - Smac tells story of keeping his homies cool on day of Nipsey’s homegoing, remembers meeting Nipsey while with TRell

1:06:40 - AD talks about Nipsey being able to work with artist in rival gangs 

1:07:43 - TRell speaks on how no other music genre shuns people for snitching or doesn’t take care of their OGs

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Podden och tillhörande omslagsbild på den här sidan tillhör No Jumper. Innehållet i podden är skapat av No Jumper och inte av, eller tillsammans med, Poddtoppen.